Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun Day

Scout and I ran in the See Spot Run 5K at MTSU on Sunday. We had a blast, especially Scout because he got to spend time with some other greyhounds.

Friday, April 9, 2010

New pictures of Scout

Scout is really coming around. He has been a little shy and mopey, but I think we have convinced him we are a loving and spoiling kind of family. He gets lots of good boy treats, even some homemade ones. He gets to take the kids to school in the morning, he loves riding in the car. He also has been going running with me. He loves it but is very tired when we get home. Today was the first day I left him alone all day, so I left him with a chew bone to occupy him. He loves to be petted. I love this picture of him making Drew love on him even though Drew is sitting at the table busy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!!

Yeah, I am so happy. My heart has been so broke since we lost Dixen in February. I did not think I wanted another dog, but how wrong I was. We had GPA/N bring us a couple of adoptable Greyhounds on Saturday afternoon. Since we are used to having one greyhound we just decided on one. Meet Scout, he is an 8 year old male and he is sooo awesome. He seems so much bigger then Dixen. He is 77 pounds and very meaty. He is a definitely a follower. He wants to be where ever we are. And he is so soft. You can't help but pet and love on him. Once we get used to him we are going to get him a playmate!!